As 2015 is quickly drawing to a close, newly engaged couples are booking and planning their 2016 weddings. With each new year, old trends transform and new trends emerge as brides and grooms create a wedding day that is unique to them. Here are some of the new trends we are expecting to see this year.

1. 2016 Wedding Colors

This year, Pantone is predicting more vivid shades to be incorporated into wedding palettes. The bright and airy pastels that have ruled the day will more than likely be paired with some of 2016 featured colors that pack a little more visual punch. Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, and Lilac Gray are just a few of the shades we think brides will be incorporating into their wedding day. Navy will be replaced by the brighter shade, Snorkel Blue. There are also brighter colors such as Fiesta that just say “ready to party!”
popular wedding colors

2. Wedding Dress Trends

This year the runways saw more three-dimensional dresses than ever before. Applique´s were everywhere. As you are shopping for your dress, you can expect to see plenty of floral and lace details, petals made of wispy fabrics, and beautiful draping to make each dress a work of art. Tinted dresses are growing in popularity too. Where a bright blue or pink dress became fashionable, many brides are choosing dresses that are not quite so unconventional but still offer a soft, flattering shade.

3. Mismatched Bridesmaids

About ten years ago, brides began to allow their bridesmaids to customize the fit of their matching dresses. This was completely untraditional to the standard uniform bridesmaids of years past but more practical as it allowed each bridesmaid to wear a dress that was more flattering on her body shape. That has evolved even further to bridesmaids that no longer match at all but simply “go.” Brides are choosing to dress their ‘maids in a different shades of one color or even completely different dresses all together. Brides love that it creates a much more interesting-looking bridal party for pictures and happier bridesmaids.

4. Aerial Photography

With the invention of the new drone cameras, a lot of cutting-edge photographers are offering their unique shots taken from a birds-eye view. An aerial view of your ceremony, dancing, or your getaway are all great aerial shots. Be sure to visit with your photographer or videographer to see if they offer this as part of their package.

5. Social Media Friendly Weddings

While some brides prefer a more unplugged wedding, others encourage their guests to document the day. Many brides are creating hash-tags and including them on signs and in their programs requesting that guests hash-tag their photos and statuses so they can follow along with the day. Others are even going so far as to create selfie-station with special backgrounds for people to take selfies at and setting up power-bars so their guests can charge their cell phones during the night if needed.

Those are just a few of the trends we are expecting to see become even more popular in 2016. Do you have a trend you are loving or a great idea you think will catch on?