It’s that time of year again. As the weather gets cooler and the sun starts to set just a smidge sooner, many of our Texas boys are gearing up for that special time of year–Hunting Season. Tuesday marked opening day of dove season in this area, and so we want to highlight a wedding theme that is popping up everywhere that we just love for our country couples. “The Hunt is Over” trend is one we are seeing in engagement parties, groom showers, and even weddings. hunt is over free printable

Now, I am not about to suggest camouflage wedding colors so please, just hear me out. With the current weddings trends of boho arrows and deer antlers, there has never been a better time to have a hunting-themed wedding and it still be tasteful and trendy.

Here is a guide for keeping it classy.

1. Pull in the right props. A hunting-themed wedding is very closely related to a rustic-themed wedding. You can pull lots of inspiration from rustic weddings and then add your hunting details. You could use real or faux antler sheds, antique duck decoys, feathers, and woodsy materials such as branches, pine cones, moss, etc. This wedding from 100 Layer Cake is amazing inspiration. You will love how this bride used silver camping tin dishes to serve from.

2. Choose the right color palette. You need to use colors you would find in nature. Stick with blues and greens combined with ivory. You can also mix with shades of pinks, reds (like this one!), plum, and pumpkin for a more garden feel. Check out this garden styled “hunt is over” wedding. If you are, in fact, getting married during hunting season, you may want to incorporate grasses, ferns and cattails to a more seasonal look.

3. Balance the masculine details with plenty of pretty florals, feminine details and cute papers. The juxtaposition of elegance meets masculine will make your wedding very interesting. But, the importance of that balance cannot be emphasized enough. This is where you need to put plenty of thought into your details! Pull in glitzy gold or shiny silver items to up the glam factor. Lace is your friend and you can’t go wrong with plenty of vintage props either!