free-wedding-checklist-printablePlanning your wedding day can get a little overwhelming at times. There are so many decisions to make and details to consider. There are three factors that will greatly influence how stressful the wedding planning experience is for you.

First, choose great wedding vendors. Read reviews and ask for referrals. You want to choose to work with wedding professionals who are kind, patient and generous with their tips and advice. They are invaluable! Also, go with your gut on this one. You can tell when someone is being genuine. All of our Ashelynn Manor Preferred Vendors are vetted and selected for their five star customer service. Anything less than that just won’t do!

Second, you must get organized. Purchase a cute binder, some post-its and a planner. If you are a little more techy, there are some great apps out there too. However, you choose to get organized, make sure to keep all of your contracts, paperwork, etc in one place. Constantly searching for important information will only make you feel chaotic and out-of-control. The same is true for your thank you notes. You waste time and money when you accidentally write double thank you notes or you loose your list! Keep a master thank you note list and plan for movie nights where you and your groom knock those babies out!

Third, choose to do this together. This is the most important. Consider it one of your first big challenges to tackle together! Brides, you may think it is easier to try to take on everything yourself, but it won’t be. Allow people (especially your groom) to help where they can. Give yourself time and energy to enjoy the experience. Grooms, you may think once you have popped the question, your work is done. Au contraire! There are many things you can and need to step in and take care of on your own. You may consult with the bride on her opinion but can do the leg work yourself. This help is invaluable and shows her that you care about the day as much as she does!

Take time as a couple to “stop and smell the roses” as you plan the wedding. Go on date nights regularly. It may be hard, but set aside time you spend time together where no wedding planning is allowed.  Then when you are planning, you can approach it with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit!  Remember, you are a team!