Rent Some Vintage Houston wedding rentalsToday, we are shining our spotlight on Marty Justice with Rent Some Vintage. We love all of the gorgeous vintage rentals available through Rent Some Vintage. They have a style that fits in perfectly with look and feel of our wedding venue! One of the benefits of having your wedding at Ashelynn Manor is that we can connect you with some of the best wedding professionals in the Houston area. Rent Some Vintage is the second business we are highlighting in our special blog series introducing your to all of our preferred vendors.
AM: How did you get the idea to start a vintage wedding rental company? 

MJ: Rent Some Vintage was born out of the idea of a wedding blog and the photos photographers were posting on there which always had beautiful vintage items that made them so special. I wondered where all those vintage items were coming from and from that thought, I mixed my love of antiques with the love of weddings.  We have enjoyed a Couples Choice Award, Wedding Wire Recognition and we have been featured on Style Me Pretty. We also have been the Bridal Extravaganza’s Who’s Who for 3 years.

AM: What is your favorite wedding tradition?

MJ: I’m a sucker for the mom/daughter connection (I would be, with girls!!) I love to see the mother stand and face her daughter as the bride comes in. It’s like the mother is acknowledging her daughter as a equal and grown woman, though she will always be her little girl. And then for the bride to acknowledge her mother with a rose as she passes her. Gets me every time.

AM: What are your favorite things about dressing up Ashelynn Manor?

MJ: Dressing up Ashleynn Manor is a sheer joy. Its so versitile. The lovely chapel offers so many opportunities for many of our backdrops, each offering an entirely different look. Of course the grounds and gazebo area are so beautiful, they make us look good! And the reception area is spacious to accommodate so many of our items.

AM: What tips do you have for brides getting married specifically at Ashelynn Manor and using vintage pieces? 

MJ: I always tell my brides/clients to be keenly aware that the space in places, such as Ashelynn Manor, are much larger than you think they are. Its easy to over do decor at a wedding but its equally easy to under estimate the size of these venues, so go several times larger than you think you need. Otherwise, your decor could be very unimpressive and get lost in the space.

AM: What are some of the most creative places and pieces to add vintage pieces in your wedding decor? 

MJ: Mixing the iron gate with combinations of french doors for the front of the ceremony is probably our favorite but the buffets for cakes tables are just so beautiful and unique. And always add a chandeliers to the trees or arches, along with the “Forever” sign. Vintage wedding decor Ideas

Hear what other brides are saying about Rent Some Vintage: 

My wedding was only a week away when I heard about Rent Some Vintage. Usually brides plan months in advance to get rental pieces but Marty worked with me with such short notice and it was one of the easiest parts of planning my wedding. I was so excited I was able to rent with such a small time frame. Marty was extremely sweet and made sure I was taken care of!  -Kelcie

Dear Marty,

We would like to thank you so much for letting Rent-Some-Vintage to be apart of our wedding. It has really been a pleasure to get to know you. Your hospitality and generosity was quite a relief, considering the time frame and schedule we had given you. Not to mention, all of the fine antiques that you have to offer at your store. The collection is really a must see if you are looking to rent vintage furniture for any event and am grateful that we found each other, before our wedding day. Jason and I only wished that we had been better prepared, so we could have rented even more! The Victorian couch to relax on, the vintage dresser for the wedding cake, and the mantle for a romantic touch, really made it feel like you were sitting down in a room in Paris looking out a balcony door. It really helped make the theme “Wanna take you to Paris – City of Love” stand out, and helped our guest really feel as if they were in Paris. We have an over abundance of great pictures, all of which show the guest enjoying themselves, which will make these memories last forever. 🙂 Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…

-Jason & Carine –

You can shop the Rent Some Vintage collection at their website.   You can also find their best tips, inspiration and recently styled wedding and shoots by following their Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook!