choosing a wedding themeHave you ever been to a wedding where the theme was executed perfectly? Maybe, it was a theme that gave you a unique insight into the couple’s hobbies or history together. It could have been a theme that was just out of the box and you think, where did they get that idea. The truth is  the secret to a unique wedding theme is to draw inspiration from the things that make you unique as a couple. Here are some places to start finding that inspiration.


When you have a color that you have loved forever, it is a great place to start when working with a color based wedding theme. In this theme, the color wheel is your best friend. Remember, complimentary colors (the colors opposite each other on the color wheel) always work together and will provide a dynamic contrast. Analogous colors lie next to each other on the color wheel and always work together too.  You could build your wedding theme around different shades of your favorite color for a soft, monochromatic color scheme for your wedding.

A Shared hobby or Passion

Do you both love to go camping? Did you meet while volunteering at an animal rescue shelter? Are you passionate about dancing? Give a nod to your unique personality as a couple by incorporating this interest into the theme. Think about details such as table decor, the invitation, favors where you add details of your theme. Be sure to clue your guests in on why you chose your theme in your toasts or in your wedding programs. They will appreciate the theme that much more. When you embrace you and your fiance’s personalities and let them really shine at the wedding, you are to have a wedding that is completely unique.


If you are a book worm and love your stories, you can create a magnificent theme based on a story. Choose a story that steals your heart. Many go to the classics like a Pride and Prejudice themed wedding. Others look to fairy tales. Cinderella is always popular to pull inspiration from, especially with such a beautiful new movie released this year.  You may even find inspiration in a modern tale such as Hunger Games. Read through the story and find details in the story that you can incorporate.


If your wedding venue has a very distinct look and feel, choose a theme based on that. It is so much easier (and cheaper) to embrace that theme instead of transforming the venue. It will also create a feel to your wedding that is consistent. If you are getting married in a garden, then go with a fresh, floral theme. If you are saying I Do in a barn, then embrace the down-home feel of a rustic wedding theme. If you chose the location because it just felt like “you,” then embrace that and go with it!

Heritage or Culture

It is so fun to experience different cultures, especially through a wedding. If you or your spouse are from a country or have ancestors from a specific culture, build a wedding theme around this special fact! Serve foods, play music, have flowers and decorations, and incorporate traditions that all give a nod to that country or culture. Be sure to educate your guests along the way about all of these things so they can appreciate them as well. Even if you don’t choose to jump in with both feet into a completely cultural theme, you can always add some cultural nods. Be sure to discuss this with your groom to make sure there isn’t something special you may be overlooking. 

Time of Year

Sometimes the perfect date for your wedding also coincides with an upcoming holiday and can be used as your wedding theme. Assorted pumpkins make beautiful decor for a Fall or Thanksgiving wedding. Some brides will have a Christmas-themed wedding using a Christmas plaid or snowy blue and white color palette. An Easter-themed wedding can also be beautiful!

Remember the key to putting together a theme-based wedding is to pull inspiration and details from the theme and not to go too over the top with it. Look for sales on items you can take advantage of at the end of holidays.