When you are planning a wedding on a budget, all the little things can really add up. One of the ways you can be savvy about your spending is in your centerpieces. Fortunately, there are tons of ways you can tackle this task and have some fun along the way. We’ve put together our list of eight simple ways you can save on your centerpieces and still have beautifully-set tables.

  1. Mix and Match. Simply put, anytime you need a certain number of the exact same thing, it is going to cost more. Save money by putting large floral arrangements on some tables and candelabras on others. The overall feel will be just as elegant and cut your floral bill in half. If each table is a little different, it allows you take advantage of clearance sales, second-hand items, and even borrowing items to use in the decor. DIY Centerpieces 1
  2. Fall in love with Chalk Paint. It is fast drying and oh-so-forgiving. It can go on almost any surface. Inexpensive or aged items can look instantly fabulous with a coat of chalk paint. Also, don’t forget that you can use spray paint in gold or silver to add instant glitz to your vases or votives.
  3. Get the Glow. Nothing says romance like the warm glow of a candle. The new LED candles are fabulous and come in all kinds of sizes from pillars to votives. You can use them in your centerpieces to add romance to your table at a fraction of the price. DIY Centerpieces 4
  4. Use Natural Elements. Natural elements are all the rage right now, which is fortunate for a bride on a budget. In the Magnolia and The Woodlands area, we are surrounded by gorgeous forests which are treasure troves of decorating ideas. Collect some acorns and you have instant vase fillers. A center slice of a tree is beautiful for your table. A painted branch surrounded by votives is instantly rustic-chic. (Just make sure everything is pest free!)DIY Centerpieces 6
  5. Let your favors do double-duty. If you are worried that your table will look sparse, add your wedding favors to the table. It will make your table appear full and will make the guest feel instantly loved and welcomed to the table.
  6. Take a class. If you are crafty, but afraid your centerpieces would come out looking like an amateur made them, an inexpensive class on Craftsy or CreativeLive may be just the thing you need to boost your confidence. You get to learn a new skill and save money on your centerpieces! DIY Centerpieces 3
  7. Keep Florals Simple. Some brides save money on their florals by purchasing flowers wholesale and then putting them in vases or Mason jars. This is a great idea. Consider mixing up different types of flowers all within one color family. This type of arrangement still has visual interest, but is also very forgiving if you are not an expert at flower arranging. DIY Centerpieces 5
  8. Add a fabric runner. Fabric is so inexpensive and making a runner is an easy project for anyone who can sew a straight stitch. Burlap runners have been all the rage because they do not have to be sewn and tie in beautifully with the rustic themes. If you want something a little more glam, consider a satin fabric or something with a metallic thread in it. Don’t forget that a floral or geometric pattern would look fabulous as well!


DIY Centerpieces 2

Of course, we are always here to help you! With over 10 years in the wedding business, we have seen all the tips and tricks and are happy to brainstorm some ideas about what would be perfect for your wedding.