Project Description

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Vintage White Wedding Chapel

Is there anything more romantic than a country wedding chapel ceremony? Completed in 2008, our chapel was designed in the timeless, vintage style that has the same time honored craftsmanship of chapels over a hundred years old. Your guests will feel right at home, just as they would at their Grandmother’s church.

The chapel is surrounded by a quaint, white picket fence and beautiful rose bushes. Through the gate, the front porch greets you as you enter the chapel. Step inside, and you will find hand-hewn wooden floors down the center aisle, across the front of the church and the altar area. The front vestibule is ideal to showcase photos, and there is a beautiful entry table where your guests may sign your guestbook and pick up a wedding program before they are seated.

No detail has been overlooked. From our beautiful candelabras, aisle-illuminating array of windows, to the large, interior entry doors that showcase the name of the bride and groom, you will find a classic style that is sure to win your heart.