Hello there New Year! The ball has dropped in Times Square. Your man has dropped to one knee. And you are planning to say “I Do” in 2016. While our happy couples are quickly claiming their wedding dates for this year, we wanted to fill you in on a few of the trends we are expecting to see grace the weddings at Ashelynn Manor this year.2016 wedding trends


Vintage has shifted to Old World Luxe.

Rustic and vintage still rule the day. However, as with any good trend, we can expect it to be updated with brides putting a fresh take on the trend. Brides will pull their inspiration from European royalty, incorporating ornate gold pieces, formal antiques and timeless luxury. They will trade in the laid-back country style for a more elegant, formal affair.


Gold still rules the day.

Gold is still the metallic of choice for current brides. We are seeing it everywhere from the bling on their rings to table decor to the foil detail in their invitations. Many brides are also trading in glitter for foil detail on their table decor and papers.


Bridal style is front and center.

Bridal designers sent many gorgeous looks down the runways at Bridal Fashion Week in New York City. Last year, many designers introduced a three-dimensional detailing to their dresses which will continue as a full-blown trend in 2016. In the past, dresses have had a distinct focus on dramatic backs to the gowns, but with the plunging necklines and feather detailing gracing the gowns this year, it is apparent the drama has returned to the front of the gown. This year you can also expect to see brides trading in the oh-so-popular floral crown for vintage headpieces.


Shades of anything but gray.

This year, Pantone (the color authority) announced two shades would reign as its annual color of the year. Serenity, which is a shade similar to a periwinkle and Rose Quartz which is a sweet pink just a hint deeper than a blush both indicate we will see more pastels returning to weddings. We will especially see pastel colors mixed with black and gold for a dramatic feel. Another trend that is forecasted is that many brides will take a detour from the popular garden color scheme of pinks, greens, and creams and opt  for deeper, rich jewel tones. Think jade, burgundy, and sapphire colors.


Photo Booths go Hollywood.

Photo booths have become a standard for weddings and brides have many different types to choose among: traditional, open air, flip books, etc. In keeping with a glamourous wedding trend, many brides are replacing their photo booth with a red carpet. Guests receive star treatment as they walk the red carpet to the wedding and are greeted by a photographer who snaps a photo just as if they were an A-Lister arriving for a big Hollywood premier.


Mixed and Matched Tables

It is predicted that many brides will be bucking the trend of a reception hall of uniform tables. They are trading traditional rounds and going for rectangular tables or even mixing rounds with rectangular tables. Some brides are even adding in rectangular farm tables for that added Old World feel. They are also styling the tables differently (which can save money) mixing larger florals with tables of just candles.


Barns get blinged out.

Barn weddings become really popular about five years ago. Brides wanted that rustic country feel with mason jars, burlap and sunflowers. While the barn trend is still all the rage, brides are taking a detour from the rustic to bling-out their barns. They are hanging chandeliers and using Old World antique pieces to create an elegant feel to their barn wedding.


Bring on the paparazzi.

Since wedding photography has taken a more journalistic style, we are seeing several new trends emerging. Drone shots have become very popular, capturing a bird’s eye view of the venue, ceremony, and reception. Also, many brides are asking their guests to put their smartphones to use in helping them capture their big day and sharing them through social media. More and more brides are also adding a videographer to their must-do list, and same-day highlight reels are becoming a must for social-media-savvy couples.


Let’s get social…or not.

More brides are documenting and sharing their wedding planning journey with their own hashtag. Some are as simple as #SmithWedding2016 or #becomingMrsSmith. Other couples make their hashtag a cute twist on the groom’s last name. Their hashtag is included with all their wedding social media photos, in their invitation, and in prominent places through their ceremony and reception. Some couples even share their hashtag with their vendors so they can share in the experience through social media. Another trend is couples choosing to have an “unplugged” wedding specifically asking their guests to put their phones and tables away during their wedding.


Cakes let it all hang out.

Naked cakes began popping up a few years ago and will still be popular in 2016. We are also seeing rustic brides replace the burlap  look they used to incorporate in their cake with chambray or a chalkboard look. Others are glitzing it up with cute, gold toppers in their initials or a cute saying.


Pretty maids all in a row.

If there is any way to sum up the current trends it is that individuality rules the day. This is also being seen in how brides are choosing to style their maids. Gone are the days of processions of girls in a standard uniform gowns. The past few years we have seen brides allowing bridesmaids to choose a neckline or style of gown that suits them within the color and fabric of the wedding. Brides of 2016 are expected to take that trend even further with each bridesmaid individually styled from color to gown but to all fall within a cohesive look. It gives more interest to photographs and allow bridesmaid to feel more confident as they make their way down the aisle.


Wedding World Changers

Another trend we can expect to see more of in 2016, is for brides and grooms to use their wedding to also shine a light on a cause that is close to their heart. There are many ways that couples are doing this. In lieu of traditional favors, some brides and grooms are donating money in honor of each guests. Others are asking guests to support their cause instead of giving them a traditional gift.


What other trends does 2016 has in store for our Ashelynn Manor brides and grooms? We can’t wait to see how our creative brides make their weddings unique! The truth is, our favorite trend is in fact timeless. It is two people in love, honoring each other’s past and promising each other their future. It never goes out of style.